To manage users on your account first login and then click on Manage Staff in the left hand menu. A list of your account's  staff members will appear. You can have up to 10 staff members and we advise you to always have at least two, a primary and a secondary contact. If you wish to add more than 10 staff members please Contact Us

Adding a staff member

  1. To add a staff member click the Add Staff Member button.
  2. Fill out their details and Highlight the permissions you would like them to have.
  3. Click Add
  4. The new staff member will then receive an automatic email from our system inviting them to set their password and log in.

Removing a staff member

  1. To remove a staff member click on the blue minus "-" sign in front of the staff member's name.
  2. A confirmation dialogue will appear.
  3. Click OK.

Editing a staff member

To edit the details of an existing member click on the  pencil and paper icon in front of the staff member's name. You can change their name, email address and permissions. You shouldn't use this feature to allow a new staff member to take over an old staff member's account. Instead you should add a new staff member as above.

Changing the Primary Contact

  • One of your existing contacts can become the new primary contact.
  1.  Click on the green double arrow icon in front of the name of the person you want to make the new Primary Contact.
  2. Click "No" to the question whether you want to leave the lab. (If you press Yes, you will be instantly unable to log in again).
  3. Click Continue.
  4. The new Primary Contact will now have the appropriate permissions.
  5. You should now get the new Primary Contact to log in and ensure that the details are correct. They can now remove you from their staff members if they wish to.
  • A New Member of staff which was not part of your list of staff member can become the new primary contact
  1. Add a new Staff member by following the steps above in  "Adding a staff member"
  2. Follow the steps in the paragraphe above.